Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sell EURCHF whenever you feel like it today! (Sep 26)

Good morning EURCHF! You are about to tumble, but the way that was triggered by ForexWarrior lately gave us hard trades and don’t know really why Euro Swiss are not easy with us. We are in good relation with European & with Switzerland, but I am not sure why when they both mingle, they keep requesting a divorce and we end in paying pips to lawyers. All I am saying, that turtle eurchf keeps always walking slowly, but when I trade it, it flies sky against the position. I am determined for a light negotiation again and will be patient with you Mr. Europe & Miss Swiss, and if it fails this time, I will eliminate you from my trading list. That is a warning, yeap! To help you decide whether you should trade the below eurchf or not, I, on the contrary, never remove any currency from my list, but instead, I wish more countries are newly discovered by Junior Columbus so new paper notes are printed (although it inflates inflation for a time) allowing more currencies added to my challenging favourite trading pair list.

Signal: Sell EURCHF whenever you feel like it today; TP 44pips

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

EURGBP trend (Sep 25)

EURGBP trend is yet to be confined and aim is bull eyed @ 7200 along the course. Not easy to chase the long and preferably sell a monthly close for 61pips, as long as 6850 is not seen by then. Be patient though, a candle has a tail (hint: allow few trading days above the monthly closing level, and sell once the price register back the closing monthly price).

Almost all currencies movements today are on the wrong side, and reversal is on the established zone ahead of the closing day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gold @ $800 within 20 days

Gold @ $800 within 20 days

Although Gold barely achieved new high, ForexWarrior Long Term Target since the beginning of 2007 was identified @ $800 initially to be followed towards $1020 by the end of the year. Almost 60pips away from our target and it is not considered at all far fetched or unachievable. Any weekly dip should be considered good ‘adding position’ tactic and exit $800 should be screened, most probably in the last week of Ramadan where Indian demand exceeds supply seasonally.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Buy USDCAD @ par starting next week (Sep 22)

The CAD market has been bullishly buzzed by the concept of having CAD =1 yesterday, and so what? Why all the fuss about CAD and the 30 years level seen only then? ForexWarrior Long Term CAD target was identified @ PAR almost at the beginning of 2007 (you may check its Newsletter then). Is it now the market gets the alarm bell?

Let us concentrate on a signal:

Buy USDCAD @ par starting next week and enjoy 103pips.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Pound Weaknesses on the termination (Sep 21)

200pips up & 200pips down within 2 days narrate the irrational behaviour of sterling and preparation towards a trend. Base apparently is on the built, stops on both sides were triggered, and all indicators show weakness or Over Bought areas. Politically & fundamentally concepts go against all indicators, and preferably a hold signal is allowed for 4 days.

Signal: Aggressive traders may sell GBPUSD Friday US Session closing for 27pips.

Yesterday(s) Valid Comments:

1. (19 Sep) Although dollar unconvincingly weak on board, USDJPY move towards 12000 and then 12800 is not inflated.

2. (19 Sep) Dax laggard among equities; New highs to overcome the old ones at ease and trend continues. ForexWarrior S&P Target @ 1600 is on the way after being delayed 47days.

3. (18 Sep) Strong trend up Formation of Gold Towards $800 is underway and ForexWarrior target @$1020 by the end of the year is of no escape. Such firm bidding supports the base of AUD towards 0.90 by year end.

4. (10 Sep)Crude oil is surmounting towards ForexWarrior target @ $80/bl initially to add towards $105/bl within weeks.

Closed Positions: pips your time formula – unprecedented way of trading.

Mission Completed: Long USDJPY 11525. TP 11630
105pips allocated

Mission Completed: Gold Long 695.20 – Target 25pips met.

Mission Completed: Bund Entry @ 11459 – target 11400 met.
59pips allocated

Mission Completed: Sell GBPUSD (12 Sep) @15:30 GMT; TP 10pips
Sold 20315

Mission Completed: Buy audusd @ 07:20 GMT today (11 Sep) for 10pips.
Bought @ 8261

Mission Completed: buy EURUSD today 10 Sep @ 11:45 GMT, targeting 10pips.
Bought @ 13793

Mission Completed: sell USDJPY today 10 Sep, @ 12:45 GMT, targeting 10pips.
Sold @ 11367

Sunday, September 9, 2007

EURUSD New Signal (Sep 10)

Euro Elliott wave is in great mess and with tricky analysis; lots of ‘ifs’; Correlate euro to gold wave – it is imperative that we are heading towards 14325 once gold breaks further up to highs not seen in decades. Today bull is in control…

Signal: EURUSD
Sell/Buy: BUY
Date: 10 Sep ‘07
Time: 11:45 GMT
Target: 10pips

The above trade says: buy EURUSD today (Monday) 10 Sep, @ 11:45 GMT, targeting 10pips.

Watchdog: Pips your Time - Unprecedented way of trading

What you need to use for that formula: Alarm – so you do not forget the timing to trade

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